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The best way to fight a disease is to prevent it. But to do so, people need to know more about their health. That’s why knowledge and education are essential for an efficient healthcare system. But in underserved regions, spreading information across communities is a big challenge.
To reach patients and professionals with the right healthcare messages on the relevant channels, Merck Foundation has conducted several community awareness and prevention campaigns about diabetes and cancer. By partnering with decision makers from institutions and governments, ministries of health and team of interdisciplinary experts, a wide range of initiatives has been kicked off. In 2016, Merck Foundation announced a PAN African initiative “Merck Africa Diabetes Day” to provide 300,000 community members with free screening and education about diabetes across the continent.

The Community Awareness Program ensures easy access to knowledge about diseases like cancer, hypertension and diabetes with educational material in a range of languages. In addition, a broad social media campaign for prevention and early detection including videos and posters amplifies the outreach of our life saving messages


Merck Foundation-Merck Capacity Advancement Program-Zena Ali, Diabetes Patient

Merck Foundation -Diabetes Detection & Prevention Patient Education in English

Merck Foundation -Diabetes Detection & Prevention Patient Education in French

Merck Jakarta Diabetes Day - Bapak Tego Wagimin, Indonesian Diabetes Patient

Merck Jakarta Diabetes Day - Ibu Omik, Indonesian Diabetes Patient

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