Our Activities

Our Programs


  • Provision of trainings, fellowships and education opportunities with special focus on the fields of scientific research, technology and healthcare. 

  • Conducting events and congresses with the aim to build capacity and improve access to innovative, high quality and equitable healthcare solutions through science and technology.  

  • Providing medical and social grants as well as stipends to students, scientists and scientific communities in developing countries and people in need with special focus on women and youth.  

  • Conducting awareness, social media and media campaigns to fight different diseases and conditions.  

  • Building advocacy through establishing platforms, meetings and panel discussions with the aim to define different interventions and policies to improve access to healthcare solutions through science and technology.

  • Developing economic, scientific and social empowerment programs and projects for women to improve gender equality.

Implementing projects that engage with local Governments, academia and the healthcare sector, regional and global associations, research institutions, NGOs, patient societies and communities to advance people’s lives through access to health, science and technology and change of mindset.