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Merck KGaA marks the launch of Merck Foundation during the Fourth edition of Merck Africa Asia Luminary in Cairo, Egypt

Merck Foundation brings African and Asian Countries together to Contribute towards Building Healthcare Capacity.

Launch of Merck Foundation | Rasha Kelej appointed as a Chief Executive Officer of Merck Foundation

“Merck More than a Mother” from Africa to Asia for the first time -in partnership with Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction (ASPIRE)

Prof. Frank Stangenberg-Haverkamp awarded by Africa’s First Female President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Merck marks “World Cancer Day” to increase awareness about Cancer prevention through social media - Together We Can Prevent Cancer

Merck continues to empower Kenyan women through “Merck More than a Mother” and “Merck STEM for Women and Girls” programs

Merck empowers Ugandan infertile women for the second year through “Merck More than a Mother” in partnership with Uganda Ministry of Health

Merck marks “International Women’s Day” with the launch of “More than a Mother” campaign and “STEM program for Women and Girls” for the first time

Merck announces the winners of their Diabetes Award 2016 to mark World Diabetes Day

Merck Partners with UNESCO and African Union to empower Women in Research with the focus on “Infectious Diseases and Women Health”

UNESCO Merck Africa Research Summit- MARS 2016 to focus on Infectious Diseases and Women Health

“Merck Africa Luminary” brings African Countries together to Contribute towards Building Healthcare Capacity in the Continent

“Merck More than a Mother” high level panel addresses infertility challenges and solutions in Africa at the World Congress of IFFS in India

Merck Launches “More than a Mother” Campaign

“Merck Africa Luminary” Aims to Raise Quality of Healthcare in Africa

Merck and University of Nairobi to Start Medical Oncology Fellowship Program

Merck Launches its Capacity Advancement Program at University of Ghana

Merck’s Stangenberg-Haverkamp receives “African Alliances HE for SHE” award

Merck More than a Mother in Uganda

Merck Diabetes cancer awareness - Uganda

“Empowering Berna” - A new initiative of “More than a Mother” to Mark CSW60

Merck kicks off “Merck Diabetes and Hypertension Awards” across Africa & Asia