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In some cultures, childless women still suffer discrimination, stigma and ostracism. An inability to have a child or to become pregnant can result in being greatly isolated, disinherited or assaulted. This often results in divorce or physical and psychological violence.
“Merck More Than a Mother” initiative aims to empower infertile women through access to information, education and health and by changing mind-sets. This powerful initiative supports governments in defining policies to enhance access to regulated, safe and effective fertility care.

It defines interventions to break the stigma around infertile women and raises awareness about infertility prevention and management. In partnership with academia, ministries of health and international fertility societies, the initiative also provides medical education and training for healthcare providers and embryologists to build and advance fertility care capacity in Africa and developing countries.

With “Merck More than a mother”, we have initiated a cultural shift to de-stigmatize infertility on all levels: By improving awareness, training the skills of local experts, building advocacy in cooperation with decision makers and by supporting childless women in starting their own small business. It’s all about giving every woman the respect and the help she deserves to live a fulfilling life, with or without a child.

Latest Updates

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Merck Foundation Launches Merck More Than a Mother in Partnership with the National Council and the ministry of health of Namibia

Merck Foundation launches their ‘Merck More Than a Mother’ to build fertility care capacity and break the stigma around infertile women.

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Merck Foundation and Manipal Academy of Higher Education signs MoU to Train Embryologists from Africa and Asia

Merck Foundation connects Africa to India, to build the fertility care capacity in the African And Asian continents.

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Merck Foundation discuss the Fertility Capacity Building with African Ministers at FIGO 2018

Merck Foundation engages policymakers to define interventions to improve access to regulated and cost effective Fertility Care in Africa and Developing Countries

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Merck Foundation establishes the future embryologist platform in Africa through their “Merck More Than a Mother” for the First Time.

“Merck More Than a Mother” collaborates with ASRM to provide the future African Embryologists with certified on-line training

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Merck Foundation Calls for Applications for ‘Merck More Than a Mother’ Media Recognition Awards 2018

Merck Foundation recently announced the winners of ‘Merck More Than a Mother’ Media Recognition Awards 2017

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Merck’s Frank Stangenberg-Haverkamp receives “African Alliances HE for SHE” award for women empowerment

The “Merck More than a Mother” Campaign’s contribution to empower infertile women in Africa has been recognised with the “African Alliances HE for SHE” award from African Alliances of Women Empowerment.

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