News Letters

Merck Foundation Marks World Cancer Day by Increasing the Limited Number of Oncologists in AfricaMerck Foundation provides one and two year Oncology Fellowship Program to African doctors to be the future oncologists in their countries.
Merck Foundation partners with National Cancer Institute and Ministry of Higher Education of Egypt to train African OncologistsLaunched in 2016, over 69 candidates from more than 21 African countries has rolled in the Merck Oncology Fellowship Program.
Merck Foundation marks 'World Cancer Day 2018'Merck Foundation commits to build cancer care capacity in Africa and developing countries.
"Merck More than a Patient" initiative in partnership with "Women For Cancer" to empower women cancer survivors in Africa“Merck More than a Patient” is a new initiative of “Merck Cancer Access Program” in Africa. Merck in partnership with “Women for Cancer” started this initiative with the aim to empower women cancer survivors in Africa through supporting them to establish their own small business so that they can lead an independent and productive life.
Rasha Kelej speaks about "how to improve access to cancer care in Africa"On the long road to improving cancer care in Africa, training dedicated cancer specialists is the first step.