This program is part of Merck’s commitment to improve patient’s access to care all over the world. It consists of three initiatives to enhance cancer care on all relevant levels:

• Merck Africa Oncology Fellowship Program focuses on building additional capacity by medical education and training.

• Merck More Than a Patient empowers female cancer survivors to reclaim their lives by reintegration into society.

• Merck Community Awareness shares accurate cancer information to help in tackling myths, misconception and stigma through medical camps and social media

The Merck Cancer Access Program builds medical capacity, supports the implementation and development of specialized healthcare solutions and is augmented by community awareness campaigns to contribute to the reduction of cancer incidences and improve survival rates.

In Africa, the lack of financial means is not the only challenge in Africa, but a scarcity of trained health care personnel capable to tackle the prevention, early diagnosis and management of cancer at all levels of the health care systems is even a bigger challenge. The Merck Foundation aims to significantly increase the number of qualified oncologists across the continent. By partnering with top global oncology experts across the continent by providing one, two and three-year oncology fellowship programs, African universities and ministries of health, more students and healthcare providers can be educated and trained in prevention, early detection and management of cancer. 

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