Merck Cardiovascular Session

Merck Cardiovascular Session -Angina Pectoris Management by Prof Gamal Shabaan

Merck Cardiovascular Session -Angina Pectoris Case by Prof. Gamal Shabaan

Merck Cardiovascular Session Sympathetic Over Drive & Hypertension Prof. Sameh Shaheen

Merck Cardiovascular Session Growing Shroud of HTA in Sub Saharan Africa &Challgs in Mgmt Prof. Andre K

Merck Cardiovascular Session Management of Hypertensive Patient with Elevated Heart Rate Prof Taher


MerckCardiovascularSession Sympathetic neural activity- metabolic paramts-cardio respiratory fit

Merck Diabetes & Cardiology Session

Merck Diabetes & Cardiology Cardio metabolic risk and Thyroid Dysfunction-Dr. Salman Razvi

Merck Diabetes& Cardiology Heart Failure and Diabetes-Prof. Mohamed Alami

Merck Diabetes & Cardiology Management of diabetes patients with high cardio risk-Prof. A. Mbakwem

Merck Diabetes & Cardiology Hypertension and Diabetes from SSA perspective-Prof. Abdoul Kane

Merck Diabetes & Thyroid Session

Merck Diabetes & Thyroid Session Diabetes Mellitus and the Thyroid-by Prof. Samir Naim Assaad

Merck Diabetes& Thyroid Session Subclinical hypothyroidism- by Prof. Ines Khochtali

Merck Diabetes& Thyroid Session-Thyroid diseases in Africa Challenges&Solutions-Prof. Abodo Jacko

Merck Diabetes & Thyroid Session Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy- by Prof Aslam Amod

Merck Diabetes & Thyroid Session REVIEW OF IDF CLINICAL PRACTICE GUIDELINES Prof Frederick Otieno

Merck Diabetes &Thyroid Session Physiopathology Links OBESITY Diabetes CANCER Prof.Ines Khochtal

MerckDiabetes&Thyroid Session critical evaluation of major type2 diabetes guidelines& implementation

Merck Fertility Sessions

Merck Fertility Session Different Patient Profiles and ICOS protocols-Prof. Askan Schultze-Mosgau

Merck Fertility Session Cost effective ovarian stimulation- Prof. Paul Devroey

Merck Fertility Session Adjuvants in ART adoption of the KISS principle- Prof Richard Kennedy

Presentation on Place for surgery in Infertility Management- by Prof Oladapo Ashiru

Merck Fertility Session Training in Reproductive Medicine in Africa How to build capacity-Prof Ashiru

Merck Fertility Session Quality Control - Safety in ART- Prof Rachel Cutting

Merck Fertility Session Practice Standards and Quality Assurance in ART-Prof. Ivan Sini

Merck Fertility Session OI and IUI protocols for infertile patients-Prof Askan Schultze Mosgau

Merck Fertility Session OHSS Avoidance-by Prof. Paul Devroey

Merck Fertility Session Normal Physiology of Male and Female fertility hormones-Prof. Emad Khalifa

Merck Fertility Session Infertility A Global Health Problem-Pr C N Purandare

Merck Fertility Session ART decision making- Prof. Edgar Mocanu

Merck Fertility Session Cryopreservation Implementation in a resource poor setting-Dr. R. Cutting

Merck Fertility Session Drugs and Devices-Prof. Emad Khalifa

Merck Fertility Session Improving ART Results by Preimplantation Genetic Testing -Prof. J. Simpson

Merck Oncology Session

Merck Oncology Session Colorectal Cancer and Anti EGFR Inhibition- Prof. P Ruff

Merck Oncology Session Access to Palliative Care Developed vs developing countries-Dr Zipporah A

Merck Oncology Session Access to Cancer medicines in LMICs including South Africa-Prof. Paul Ruff

Merck Oncology Session The Systematic Treatment of Cancer in Africa-Dr. Georgia Demetriou

Presentation on Systematic Treatment of Cancer in Africa by Dr. Georgia Demetriou

Merck Oncology Session Merck Medical Oncology Fellowship- Prof Nicholas Abinya

Merck Oncology Session Merck Cancer Access Program Improving Cancer Access Care-Dr. Deddeh Supuwoo

Merck Oncology Session Develop a Platform of Surg Onc in Africa - Poor countries-by Prof Audisio

Merck Oncology Session National Cancer Control Plan of Egypt 2016 2020- by Prof Mohamed Lotayef