Contribute to Social and Economic Development in Developing Countries
Advance Healthcare Capacities and Capabilities.
Improve Access to High Quality and Innovative Healthcare Solutions.
  • Providing scientific programs particularly designed to serve the unmet healthcare needs of Developing Countries with special focus on disease prevention and early detection and nutrition awareness.
  • Engaging healthcare Providers and Academia in an open dialogue to explore the educational gaps with the aim to inform the successful implementation of Merck Diabetes & Hypertension Capacity Advancement Program.
  • Meeting the winners of Merck Diabetes and Hypertension Awards. The Future experts of Africa and Asia.
  • Address the stigma and social perception of infertility and define intervention to improve access to regulated, safe and effective fertility care and break the stigma around infertile women in Africa. Merck More than a Mother
  • Assist in developing and implementing comprehensive cancer control and prevention programs and oncology Fellowship program that will improve access to cancer care in Africa. Merck Cancer Access Program.
  • Networking opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience across Africa,¬†Asia and beyond.

Latest Updates

Luminary 2017 More
Presentation on Place for surgery in Infertility Management- by Prof Oladapo Ashiru MerckDiabetes&Thyroid Session critical evaluation of major type2 diabetes guidelines& implementation MerckCardiovascularSession Sympathetic neural activity- metabolic paramts-cardio respiratory fit MerckCardiovascularSession SENSITIVITY TO SALTED REGIME IN SUB SAHARAN AFRICA-NEED FR REMEDY Merck Oncology Session The Systematic Treatment of Cancer in Africa-Dr. Georgia Demetriou Merck Oncology Session National Cancer Control Plan of Egypt 2016 2020- by Prof Mohamed Lotayef Merck Oncology Session Merck Medical Oncology Fellowship- Prof Nicholas Abinya Merck Oncology Session Merck Cancer Access Program Improving Cancer Access Care-Dr. Deddeh Supuwoo Merck Oncology Session Develop a Platform of Surg Onc in Africa - Poor countries-by Prof Audisio Merck Oncology Session Colorectal Cancer and Anti EGFR Inhibition- Prof. P Ruff Merck Oncology Session Access to Palliative Care Developed vs developing countries-Dr Zipporah A Merck Oncology Session Access to Cancer medicines in LMICs including South Africa-Prof. Paul Ruff Merck Fertility Session Training in Reproductive Medicine in Africa How to build capacity-Prof Ashiru Merck Fertility Session Quality Control - Safety in ART- Prof Rachel Cutting Merck Fertility Session Practice Standards and Quality Assurance in ART-Prof. Ivan Sini Merck Fertility Session OI and IUI protocols for infertile patients-Prof Askan Schultze Mosgau Merck Fertility Session OHSS Avoidance-by Prof. Paul Devroey Merck Fertility Session Normal Physiology of Male and Female fertility hormones-Prof. Emad Khalifa Merck Fertility Session Infertility A Global Health Problem-Pr C N Purandare Merck Fertility Session Improving ART Results by Preimplantation Genetic Testing -Prof. J. Simpson Merck Fertility Session Drugs and Devices-Prof. Emad Khalifa Merck Fertility Session Cryopreservation Implementation in a resource poor setting-Dr. R. Cutting Merck Fertility Session Adjuvants in ART adoption of the KISS principle- Prof Richard Kennedy Merck Fertility Session Different Patient Profiles and ICOS protocols-Prof. Askan Schultze-Mosgau Merck Fertility Session Cost effective ovarian stimulation- Prof. Paul Devroey Merck Diabetes & Thyroid Session REVIEW OF IDF CLINICAL PRACTICE GUIDELINES Prof Frederick Otieno Merck Diabetes &Thyroid Session Physiopathology Links OBESITY Diabetes CANCER Prof.Ines Khochtal Merck Diabetes & Thyroid Session Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy- by Prof Aslam Amod Merck Diabetes& Thyroid Session-Thyroid diseases in Africa Challenges&Solutions-Prof. Abodo Jacko Merck Diabetes& Thyroid Session Subclinical hypothyroidism- by Prof. Ines Khochtali Merck Diabetes & Thyroid Session Diabetes Mellitus and the Thyroid-by Prof. Samir Naim Assaad Merck Diabetes & Cardiology Management of diabetes patients with high cardio risk-Prof. A. Mbakwem Merck Diabetes & Cardiology Hypertension and Diabetes from SSA perspective-Prof. Abdoul Kane Merck Diabetes& Cardiology Heart Failure and Diabetes-Prof. Mohamed Alami Merck Diabetes & Cardiology Cardio metabolic risk and Thyroid Dysfunction-Dr. Salman Razvi Merck Cardiovascular Session Management of Hypertensive Patient with Elevated Heart Rate Prof Taher Merck Cardiovascular Session Sympathetic Over Drive & Hypertension Prof. Sameh Shaheen Merck Cardiovascular Session -Angina Pectoris Management by Prof Gamal Shabaan Merck Cardiovascular Session -Angina Pectoris Case by Prof. Gamal Shabaan Presentation on Systematic Treatment of Cancer in Africa by Dr. Georgia Demetriou More


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MeRck Foundation brings African and Asian Countries together to Contribute towards Building Healthcare Capacity in the two Continents

Merck Foundation conducts their 4th Luminary for the first time in partnership of Ministry of High Education and scientific research of Egypt. Winners of Merck Diabetes and Hypertension Awards to be announced.

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MeRck Foundation Launched by First Ladies of Chad, Niger, Central African Republic, The Gambia and Guinea and Chairperson of National Assembly of Namibia

The First Ladies of Central African Republic, Gambia, Chad, Niger and Republic of Guinea announced as ambassadors of ‘Merck More Than a Mother’ campaign in their countries More than 450 African healthcare providers, policy makers and researchers from Africa and Asia benefited from the luminary sessions.

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